Each week, we are highlighting local Atlanta businesses located within unique commercial spaces.

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing with Maven Credit Partners.





Maven Credit Partners is a real estate-owned solution for businesses looking to build their business credit as well as for individuals who need a little help cleaning up their personal profiles.  

We partner with Residential agents to help them get their clients to the closing table.



How has Covid-19 changed how you do business?

Covid changed how we are doing business by eliminating the face to face contact. All of our agents work remotely & we typically conduct phone interviews with our clients or we hold zoom meetings for that face to face interaction.  
Previously our office was a shared space located in Buckhead, but due to the changes, as a result of the pandemic, we are no longer operating out of that space. We love Buckhead & hopefully, we’ll be able to resume business on location at some point in the future.  

What stood out to you about your shared space in Buckhead?

Everyone knows Buckhead is the place to be! There’s so much activity & so many businesses that feed off of the energy of others! When we found the space there was no 2nd guessing we had to have it! 

What advice would you give potential buyers looking for space?

I would advise business owners looking to lease or purchase to familiarize themselves with the culture for the area! You want to stand out, but you also want to fit into what’s acceptable! Take a risk & jump out there- because everyone knows it’s all about Location! Location! Location!